Brainboxes USB to Serial converter adapters

  • Simple installation
  • Works where many USB to serial converters do not
  • Brainboxes proven software drivers, enable the serial port to behave just like a real COM port attached to the PC motherboard
  • Robust software for excellent application compatibility
  • Brainboxes Lifetime Warranty and Support


Range Description

USB is a widely accepted PC user interface standard. This range has been designed to be stylish enough for desktop environments and rugged enough to withstand the industrial market environments. The proven, robust and reliable Boost software ensures these devices have the functionality and performance for even demanding applications.

Being hot plugable and plug & play devices makes USB a very attractive way to add serial connectivity to your platform.

USB is the worlds most popular interconnection standard with over 3Billion devices shipped last year. The plug & play USB experience is one of the reasons USB has stormed the world. In a laboratory or industrial setting many people want the USB connectivity convenience but also want high reliability devices and connections.

At Brainboxes we designed ranges of both mobile Laboratory devices and Industrial metal cased products to be extremely robust even in hard hat environments. Brainboxes Boost software provides an excellent User Interface with state of the art compatibility and data integrity.