Wireless Smart Flow Meter

Wireless Smart Flow meter solution is a proven ideal fit for the modern smart home application OEM’s. CASCADEMIC Wireless Smart Flow Meter is used to measure the amount of fluid that has flown through the pipe.
It is an automated meter reading (AMR) based flow meter. The Wireless Smart Flow Meter has inbuilt Processing, sensing, storage and RF transmission unit. The RF transceiver can send the real time flow rate or the total consumed value to the centralized server or the utility provider in a predefined intervals of time.

Unique Features

  • Wifi, BLE, GPRS, Ethernet and MODBUS compatible Gateway
  • GSM, 6LoWPAN and MODBUS compatible meter
  • Secured communication using AES
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM’s

Wired digital flow meter

Add-on device on the existing mechanical solution. The reading is taken from the mechanical meter through sensor, processed and displayed in the Display.

Remote metering module

The add-on device is clamped on the mechanical meter. The reading taken from the meter is processed and then transmitted through Wireless M Bus to a remote concentrator.