Wireless data acquisition and control

The Wireless Data Acquisition and Control Solution Unit is a Battery operated compact Standalone device.The Wireless DAQ provides the flexibility to connect multiple sensors which measure physical parameter as input.
The data is stored in the inbuilt storage (device internal memory) and then pushed through the Low Power Wide area Wireless Network to the remote server or concentrator.
Data transmission and receiption over a range of 500 meters through 6LoWPAN.Features industrial grade design to meet the extreme working environments.)

Unique Features

  • High resolution ADC to measure sensor inputs
  • Wifi, BLE, GPRS, Ethernet and MODBUS compatible Gateway
  • GSM, 6LoWPAN and MODBUS compatible data aquisition
  • Data can be logged in USB, SD card or SPI flash
  • Battery life of 3 months(2 AA batteries)
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM’s