Remote Tracking Solution

CASCADEMIC Remote Vehicle Tracking solution is a cost effective solution which has been jointly developed with the leading GSM Chip manufacturer.
Our Off- the -shelf economical Tracking Solution allows the solution users to track their vehicles in real time using GSM/GPRS technology. The GSM/GPRS Device can send the real time information of coordinates, along with the date, time, vehicle speed and satellite signal strength to the centralized server in predefined intervals of time.
As these messages provide raw coordinates, they can be used to plot the location on a map.

Unique Features

  • Fully Automotive grade( -60V to 120V) design
  • Real time Enclosure and battery tampering detection through SMS and GPRS
  • Device configuration through SMS
  • Automotive interface with isolated I/Os, CAN,ADC & UART
  • Customisation on existing solution based on OEM’s