Ethernet to serial


Send RS232 or RS422/485 serial data over the network

  • Allows communication between a serial enabled device and a computer anywhere on the local network, or anywhere in the world (using the internet)
  • No network expertise required, simply plug your device into the Brainboxes Ethernet to Serial device, then plug that into your network
  • A web interface allows secure configuration and control of the serial ports over a local network or the internet using any browser.
  • Windows users: our in-house designed driver gives you local COM ports, retaining existing software applications and allowing you to connect across your network to remote devices just as if they were attached locally.

Simple Installation

Customer feedback tells us Brainboxes set up process is extremely simple – set and forget

  1. Connect serial port to device
  2. Plug in network cable and power
  3. Install software on windows machine
  4. There’s Automatic discovery of devices on network
  5. Connect to serial port, use as normal com port in application


Network Protocols

Our Ethernet to serial devices support the following network protocols:


TCP/IP Socket

You can access the device via TCP/IP sockets from any networked device. On Windows OS TCP/IP sockets are handled by the Winsock API, this will differ on other OSes.

Web Based Configuration Software

Our Ethernet to Serial Adapters allow secure configuration from a web browser. The brainboxes network to serial convertor can be configured in the following ways:

  • invisible on the network
  • visible to all on the network
  • block connections from all devices except those specified using MAC address filtering
  • allow connections from any device

Windows Software

On Windows systems we provide drivers for the serial ethernet adapter, which allows you to run software which expects to communicate over a local COM port. The software works as if the serial device is connected directly through RS232 or RS422/485 however the brainboxes driver converts serial connection over networks; either local (LAN) or from across the world. Can install on any COM Port from COM1 to COM255 and remembers your COM Port assignment on reboot.

All brainboxes software is developed and maintained in-house. Brainboxes software has been proven to work where other manufacturers software fails. Have a specific requirement? please get in touch.