AT Embedded Solutions is the final step of few times of brainstorming about the Industrial Pc Industry. We were born as an answer to the growing need from the market asking for Solutions instead of Products. Our approach is breaking the traditional Sales Proposition, moving our focus on deliverying to our Customers and Partners a full spectrum of Solution into the Industrial Market. Ates Group – Industrial PC, Internet of Things, Factory 4.0

We focus our effort on three Mega Trends: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Factory 4.0.

We truly believe that Industrial Market will completely change due to these trends, and we’re ready to take this challenge.

Francesco Cattaneo

Francesco Cattaneo, 10+ years into Market Leaders with Management Roles, deep european market knowledge and networking. Into AT Embedded Solutions he will cover CEO role and marketing Director

Davide Nardelli

Davide Nardelli, owner of Advanced Technologies SPA, is the major financial investor and is sharing his experience as entrepreneur, adding values to AT Embedded Solutions Business Choices