Love AT Embedded Solutions?

So do we

Our Small team is growing faster. Before sending your CV you need to know that we’re a Talent Obsessed Organization, we’re always looking to have on board the best people and we care as much as we can about our People Development.

These are the position we’ve opened now. If you find out you’re fitting our criteria, write us. No, not at a generic mail box. Write to our CEO, it’s part of our philosophy…

Sales Agent(s) Italy (position ref: SA001ITA)

AT Embedded Solutons, Italian Office, is proactively looking for Sales Agents. We expect to expand our business in 2016 covering completely Italian territory with major brands and leading suppliers. It is required to have innovator mindset and capability to work into international environment!

Key Account Manager IoT  (position ref: KAMi01)

Our Key Account Manager is a talented fellow looking to increase our penetration into IoT Market. Based in our HQ in Milan, needs to travel (Italy + Europe) to selected customers proposing our Core Values and IoT Solution Packages. Our IoT Solutions Package is a mix of products, hardware and software, that needs to be pushed into Industrial market as a complete Value Chain.

Product Designer (position ref: PDM01)

We’re seeking for experienced Product Designer, working closely with our Marketing Dept. into the Product Development Process. Based in our HQ in Milan, needs to have consolidated capability of problem solving and good attitude to work with remote team (Taiwan plus Germany).

Junior Key Account Manager (position ref: JKAM02)

Our Junior Key Account manager is a young fellow looking to learn by experience on field into Industrial Market. Based in our HQ in Milan, needs to travel (Italy) and manage an existing portfolio of customers plus prospects. Beside a strong project orientation, he/she needs to have an excellent capability of listening and understanding. As Personal Development Plan, he/she can look to grow in our Sales Team. We base our criteria on Funnel Management, so we look for people that care about the entire process.

Key Account Manager North Africa (position ref: KAMa03)

Our Key Account Manager for North Africa is based in our office in Tunis, taking care of the business development in all the Region. Reporting directly to our Sales Head in Milan, he/she has the great capability to work remotely, reporting and closely co operate with all the team. Needs to travel across the region and develop our Key Target Markets (Cloud Computing, Factory 4.0 and IoT) developing a Key Account Target List.

Product Specialist (position ref: PSM02)

Our Product Specialist is the needed bridge between Key Account Managers and Marketing Manager, capable to proactively push new technologies into the market, investing his/her time closely with Marketing Dept. to develop new solutions. Based in HQ in Milan, needs to travel (All Region covered by AT ES), being available for the Sales Team and reaching Key Customers to get the most important thing: feedbacks.

Strongly oriented to marketing, with technical background and open to work in close team during Project Development.

About You:

These are the common added values we’re looking in our hiring process. Not linked to a specific Job Posting, these traits are mandatory for our people.

  • You have a strong orientation to results
  • You’re a problem solver
  • You speak/write fluently English
  • Able to Listen and Learn
  • Willing to share knowledge and experience

We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to write us, and we take the commitment to answer to all of you.

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