ETX boards

ETX, standing for Embedded Technology eXtended, is an integrated and compact 95 × 125 mm (3.7 × 4.9 in) computer-on-module (COM) form factor, which can be used in a design application much like an integrated circuit component. Each ETX COM integrates core CPU and memory functionality, the common I/O of a PC/AT (serial, parallel, etc.), USB, audio, graphics, and Ethernet. All I/O signals as well as a full implementation of ISA and PCI buses are mapped to four high-density, low-profile connectors on the bottom side of the module. AT Embedded Solutions. Embedded Computing for industry.

ETX CPU Module with AMD Geode™ LX Series Processor
ETX CPU Module with Onboard AMD® G-series APU
ETX® Module with the Intel® Atom™ E3800 and Celeron® families (“Bay Trail”) System-on-Chip
AMD Geode™ LX800 Process with CS5536, ETX CPU Module
AMD G-Series Processor T16R ETX CPU Module